Vob file import

Hi All -

I am doing some animation for a TV pilot. I need to take the VOB file and edit it so that I can extract only the segments of the film I will add animation to. We know that toonboom will only import flash files so i found a utility out there that would convert the VOB file to mpeg or avi which i could import into Flash… quality was horrific at best. I do have a digital tape (not sure what the file format or extension is) of the film but do not have the equipment to read it - but can borrow a camera that has cables which will allow me to download the film to my pc - my question is, anybody have a clue as to the best course of action? This is my first TV animation project where I am inserting into an existing film, new to ToonBoom, and video file manipulations . To borrow the camera is a drive of some sixty miles, one way.
Thanks in advance for any and all help… the key word here being ‘HELP’ ;D

Hi PatnDan,

This is the way I would do it:

Use you VOB extractor to create a movie file. Then try not to convert in anything else. Crop the movie your extracted from the VOB file the way you need it and export it to an image sequence. You will need a small mpeg splitter utility or use QuickTime Pro (check to see if it supports the mpeg or AVI format you get when extracting from VOB file, probably :slight_smile: ).

For 29.99$ QT Pro will crop and save as an image sequence to import into TBS in an Image element. To me QT Pro is an essential tool that will convert many different types of movies and create high quality output. For the price it’s a very handy tool.

This will allow you to have a good quality. At then end it should look close to the original movie.

The key here is to:

1- Try to convert as less as possible
2- Use image sequence instead of Flash to import video.

First create an image element in the Xsheet then right click in a cell and select import files. You can import multiple files at the same time.

Hope this helps.


Hi m -

Thanks for the info. I went out and purchased quicktime pro - at least I think I did - I got the registration key - entered it into the control panel as instructed, it indicated it was successful and now I have no clue how to start quicktime pro - I did upgrade quicktime to vers 7… there was an icon in my system tray that i executed giving me something that reads ‘apple quicktime’ across the top - not sure if that is it or not - not very intuitive this quicktime.
Anyway, I tried to use what had loaded by bringing in the mpg file from my splitter. loaded ok but no sound during playback - volume control was halfway. i went into the QT control panel looking for something that may have disabled sound -nothing except for the ‘safemode’ was checked under the Audio tab - i keep unchecking it but it kept rechecking itsel…
I had read somewhere that QT pro could take in vob files and convert to mpg -
I am not sure what the heck to do next…so any info would be greatly appreciated… thanks

VOB is an MPEG format file. Sometimes you can just open it, sometimes you need Apple’s (if you’re on a mac-I’m assuming so) MPEG tools (extensions that allow QT to work with more MPEG formats appropriately-get it from Apple $-or automatic when you install Final Cut or DVD Studio). Audio on a DVD is multiplexed-so audio and video need some extracting. go to versiontracker.com and look for mpeg tools- there are several free programs that will help deal with extraction issues and output. If you have a tape, you’ll get substantially better quality if you capture your footage from that. If you can capture through firewire, you’re in good shape-do it that way.

QT pro is enabled with a SN. When you buy it, new features show up-mostly in that you can export files and manipulate your video. check out “help” for more info. If you get a ‘live’ export menu-it’s working.

Just a quick note on the VOB files to avoid confusion:

VOB is not just a simple video file like an Mpeg movie but a file that contains an MPEG stream. You need to retrieve the MPEG stream out of the VOB file to see the video or use a DVD software player to open the VOB files.

A VOB file is a Video Object file that contains Video Objects, Audio Objects, Subtitle objects and some navigation instructions. The vob file is used by your home DVD player or computer software DVD players (like PowerDVD) to play and navigate trough the MPEG stream inside. There are other files on a DVD that contains more information (for menus and stuff)

Without the VOB files you couldn’t have chapters or Menus, subtitles, etc on a DVD.

There are many site that explains the structure of a VOB file and how to retrieve information (like the video or audio stream) out of it.