Tartar’s Blog is a new series featuring Sudanese telling their inspirational stories. Inspired by the StoryCrops project and TED, in each episode we animate a story told by a Sudanese man, woman or a child. You don’t have to be a national champion, or a genius, we in Tartar believe every Sudanese has a story to tell and we want to hear it, the world needs to hear it!
let’s document and spread our stories, stories of great people, great culture, great history; stories of a great country, Sudan!

Video is subtitled on youtube, make sure you have the annotations turned on

Good work!
and very nice choice of inspiration

Nice!! :slight_smile:

- It’s a detail but i like the way you integrated the seawater @ 3:55 :slight_smile:

- Thx for the subtitles! :stuck_out_tongue:

- If you don’t mind here a little suggestion:
from 3:40 till 3:54 > maybe it would be nice to make a strong animation of the girl swimming? This is a crucial moment in your animation. She has to show the world that you can achieve a lot of things with will to succeed. :slight_smile:

I really liked it Amin! Great work and great concept for a series! It’s nice to see someone doing animations for a good cause. Keep it up!

Oh, I really and truly agree with Zebtoonz!

thanks everyone, i am glad you all liked it :slight_smile:

Dobartolo, i too like how the water turned out eventually :smiley: i was afraid it would look too live-actiony if you know what i mean. doing it this way saved me a lot of time. i didn’t quiet understand what you meant by strong animation. it’s limited animation there with the waves and the character itself. i figured fully animating waves and swimming actions would take lots of time with little difference really given the overall style was meant to be simple.

merry xmas and happy holidays everybody!

Very touching work!