Vista, slow clolor fill

I am having a unbelivable time drawing and coloring in Animate 2 PLE. I have seen this issue on other forums and blogs, but no where here. Is this just the PLE vesion? If not is there a fix, would like to know before I purchase? I really love animate, but it’s taking entirely to long to do things :’(. Any ideas (other than buying a Mac or Windows 7 upgrade, then theres no $ Animate :’()

Well we bit the bullit and installed windows 7, and its faster, but still really slow, still would like to know if there is some setting changes or somthing to relieve this problem.

going to check my speed withougt auto fill tonight!

i have a amd/ati 1500 (somthing) on a Toshibas that is about 2 years old

Do you have the auto-close gap feature turned on? This will slow down the fill as it will look for any gaps to close before it fills. Try turning off the auto-close gap in the Tool Properties window.

Also what graphics card are you using?