Viewing TVG images

I realized the Bitmap File Quality isn’t enable when I import an image as a toon boom bitmap drawing. The documentation note openGL works on TVG files on page 37 of HAR14_Premium_Getting_Started_Guide pdf file.

Is there a way to control resolution display of a TVG image?

I’d like to understand this concept and appreciate any help.

Guilherme Lopes


do you ask this question because your imorted bitmap images are displayed blurrily?

In this case you could find the solution by starting here:

Hi Stefman,

Sorry about the info, I forgot to say way a made this question. I work on a production that are using large bitmaps for background (15.000 pixels on horizonte or more), and they appears with full resolution, it causes the scenes to become very heavy to manipulate.

Is there a way to let TVG images display resolution low like a do with bitmap original format?


indeed, the Bitmap File Quality menu isn’t available for ‘Toon Boom Bitmap Drawings’.

But, if you import your BGs with the option ‘Keep As Original Bitmap’ you’ll be able to benefit from these parameters.

Indeed, the Bitmap File Quality is a default feature for imported original bitmap.

So, my question about a way to control resolution display of a TVG image remains with no answer.

Any other idea?


this is a good question, maybe should lead to a feature request.

without an actual option for controlling the .tvg quality, what you might be able to do as a workaround is set up simple pegged rig with the quality-reduced bitmap "clone"of your .tvg background on a different layer, and then swap out the visibility of this proxy bitmap for the .tvg when you are ready to render. that way you can manipulate your background, even with parallax etc., via the peg( s ), and the manipulation keys and stuff will apply to both the proxy and your final HD background. that’d be my solution, again without knowing a way to set/script the .tvg quality.

there may be a clever way to do it in the network view, but i’d imagine anything there would be an additive process and may simply cause the machine to do even more processing toward the high-rez .tvg.

Thanks Muchachotron,

That was my first idea when they complained that the scenes were too heavy to deal. In fact, I proposed to make a “proxy” background using export feature, but the problem is that setup scene is the bottleneck of the pipeline in the studio. So, I couldn’t add another step on this pipeline process.

We’re been using original bitmap option since we couldn’t solve the TVG view resolution issue, like stefman also said.

Thank you for the replays, I really had to be sure there’s no better work around.