Viewing Tutorials in Full Screen Mode

Hi. When I try to watch the TB Storyboard Pro tutorials in full-screen mode the TB “banner” becomes transparent but the “Products - Solutions - Education…” toolbar remains in place, often obscuring the toolbars of the tutorial playing beneath. Is there a way for me to disable this?
I’ve attached a screen grab that sort of illustrates my point.

TB SB feedback.jpg

What browser and operating system platform are you using?

In both Firefox and Safari on a Mac this does not occur.

I see the full sized video unobstructed.

You may find some or all of those tutorials on Toon Boom’s Youtube channel. It is possible that viewing them on YT will prove better for you. I would also try using a different browser.

Thanks for your response. I was using Chrome on a Windows 8 laptop. I have since been viewing them on a Mac with no issues.