Viewing TBD files


I was working on a project last night and drew a drawing in tbs. I then (thought) I copied and pasted the drawing into another cell, changed this one, saved my work and closed.

Turns out I didn’t copy and paste the drawing, rather the cell. So my original drawing is now gone :frowning: The only thing I can hope (without drawing it again) is that it was saved in the “Drawing” folder where the project is saved. These files are all TBD files, but I don’t know how to open them, anyone offer any advice?

I really don’t want to have to draw all that again,

thanks in advance,

Please don’t accept this as the final word on the subject, but if you in fact copied a cell to a new frame and then modified that cell, you modified your original cell. Each cell is uniquely named because it is in fact unique. The same cell can occupy more than one frame location but to be a different cell it has to have a different name. So when you made your copy, if the cell still had the same name, then it was the same cell. You can go into your Animation catalog of your library and view all cells for all elements that exist even if they are not currently assigned to an exposure sheet frame. So if your original is still there you can view it through your library. Please refer to the Tips and Tricks thread in the Tutorials section where I recently posted about how to use the TBS library panel. That post will give you more detailed information. -JK

Thanks for the reply. I did what you said (or so I thought)…as in:

had an original cell. Copied the cell (rather than the lines in the drawing) and pasted, therefore copying the cell not the drawing. I modified the 2nd cell and of course (without me knowing) it modified the 1st too.

Anyway looking in the animation library, it’s not there, so I guess I have to draw it again unfortunately :frowning: Waste of time but that’s life! Lesson learned for next time.

Thanks anyway,