Viewing/Manipulating Imported Images In Drawing View?

Hey All

I recently purchased Animate, and I’m very confused about a few things.

I’m trying to ink drawings, and for some reason I can’t seem to view images I import in the Drawing view. When I switch to camera view, they show up, but that doesn’t really help me. I create a new layer and import the image, but it just doesn’t show up. Sometimes if I use the light box feature it’ll show up in the other layer, but how can I access the image itself in the drawing layer?

Thanks. I was using the Animate Pro PLE, and it was much easier to do this. I’m also surprised how much better the help center for Pro is than regular Animate. Anyway, thanks for the help.

Are you importing bitmap images? If so that is why you can’t see them in the Drawing view. In the Drawing you can only edit vector images. If you imported a bitmap with the Color vectorization style you could see it in Drawing view but it would put the whole picture in a rectangular vector box. If you didn’t vectorize, and that is what I think you did, it’s a pure bitmap and just viewable in the Camera view.

If it’s a pencil line image that you import you should try the B&W or grayscale vectorization styles. It will vectorize the lines and then you can work with it in the Drawing view.

Did you want to view and read your images on windows or mac but not camera? If so, you can install an image windows viewer that allows to load and view image or document file on windows application without too much technique requirements.