viewing imported swf aniimation file


Dear Friend,

I am trying to view a bit map-based animation that I assembled in Macromedia Director, exported to Quick Time Pro so to convert and export it as a DV Stream file. This done, I imported it into iMovie to add the audio tracks. Then, I exported it as a full quality DV. In Flash 8.0, I imported and converted the file into a Macromedia Flash Movie. swf file.

Finally, I imported it into the Toon Boom Express time-line. However, the problem is that I cannot view the animation. The exposure and time-line show that it was imported, but all the preview windows show nothing. What could be the matter?

gil vasquez


How long is your animation (frame wise)?

Even if you don’t see it have you tried exporting it?

The other thing you could check is changing your Display setting in the Preferences (make sure to shut down the software everything you change something since it only takes effect when you launch the software).

If you still have the problem let us know.

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Make sure the camera view is opened and that the scrubber in the time line is over some elements.

Also, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend exporting a swf with only bitmap images to TBS Express. It works but if you have quality problems, use a sequence of images (PNG 24bits).