View the undo take place?

I’m using the most recent version of Toon Boom Animate Pro for the Mac-- when I press ‘undo’, the previous steps are successfully undone, but because the camera view does not jump to the frame that is being affected, I often can’t see which changes are being undone ( ex: the camera view staying on frame 24, while an action is undone on frame 100 )

Is there a way to have Toon Boom jump to the correct frame to show the undo being accomplished?


Hi Ross

If you go to preferences -advanced- and cheque the
-Restore Selected drawing On Undo- ,
you will while working be brought to the drawing where undo/redo is effected.

Best regards

Thanks Ivar! Yep, that does the trick perfectly.

Not sure why, but there seemed to be a little delay ( I restarted Animate a few times ) before it started working-- but now it’s good to go