View Tagged Layer Groups (Unique Tagging)


Utilizing the “View Tagged Layers” feature in the timeline is a huge part of our workflow at the studio I work at. We are finding a need for different types of “tags”.
We think it would be beneficial and create a simpler workflow if we were able to tag layers according to a unique tag. That way, we could tag every layer for “Character A” as Timeline Tag > New Tag > New Tag Name. Preferably these would also save upon opening and closing the scene, since Untag all is simple enough to use if needed.
The expectation is that the user could select their view mode in the timeline and have it populate with options such as “View All Tagged Layers”, “View Tagged Layers: Character A”, “View Tagged Layers: Character B”, “View Tagged Layers: Bicycle”, etc.

This would majorly speed up our workflow and navigation of the timeline.