View cumulative z-depth?

Is there a way to see the ACTUAL z-depth value of a node? Compositing other’s scenes with rigged characters that interact with props etc., most of the issues that I run into are because there is some depth error. It would be practical to be able to see the actual depth (the sum of all pegs and transformations) of the different layers so I can determine where the issue is…


I don’t know if it is possible to see the cummulated z-position value of a peg.

But, I made a feature request suggesting an animatable display ordrer that wouldn’t affect z-position:

I like the thought of an animatable display order separate from the pegs for items in the same depth. It also can fix some issues that arise when parts of a character are on the same depth and the renderer makes “strange” decisions like showing outlines around one of the items. Still, I would very much like to be able to see the actual depth of any item. Like, when hovering my mouse over the OpenGL view, it could show the z-depth of the hovered-over pixel…


Indeed, that would be very useful.
I suggest to make a feature request.

I made another feature request suggesting a floating list of the objects situated at the cursor position in the Camera View from which the user could select from.

Partially, our two feature requests are looking for the same thing.
Maybe they could be merged or implemented at the same time.