View animation in real time -25 fps


It’s possible see the animation in real time in Toon Boom? How?

I’m making an HD project in Toon Boom:
Same Project setting to the project and teh export settings:1280 x 720 and 25 fps

But it’s no the same velocity animation when I see it in real time (presing play) in ToonBoom that when I see the export animation in Quick Time

When I press play in ToonBoom I see the animation slow (not real 25 fps velocity) than when I export it.

Is there a Render Option in Toon Boom like in After Effects?

The best way to see the real timing is to export the movie of your project set to 25 fps. The playback inside the software depends on the resources of your system so you may not have enough graphic ram / ram.

You can select a subset (i.e. some frames), let them play through once (to load them in memory) and subsequent play-throughs should be at or close to the frame rate of the project if your system resources allow it.