video tutorial making s/w tools?

lets say if i want to make video tutorials for toon boom studio then which video capturing tool i can use for this purpose …i prefer output file in flash format like steve ryan’s video tutorials…if anyone hv any idea then plz let me know …

steve ryan is a member of this forum (steveryan, to be found in the tutorial section). you can send him a private message, or bug him per email at his web page.

p.s. i must say, your tbs knowledge progression is remarkable :wink:

What a great idea, here is one of the most widely used product that works on PCs - Camtasia.

Also here is the Adobe/Macromedia product - Captivate

Here is another product - Screen Recorder

Here is another product also called Screen Record

I think it will be a wonderful experience for you to tackle this project and I am sure that not only will you benefit knowledgewise but you will also quickly learn the reason real tutorials shouldn’t be given away for free. -JK

Great anwser.

I personnaly use Camtasia, this is what I used to create the TBS movies. I also own captivate which is also a great peice of software.

Both renders to flash.


… I’m surprised no one suggested the screen capture application in CorelDraw. Yet another Canadian company!

lolz … i know ur making fun of me …:smiley: …u know i cannot even creat a proper walk cyle :smiley:

yeah its a great idea but actually i want to discuss my problems with video presentations :wink: is it correct way ?

and thanksalot for all these links !


The tools discussed are for producing any type of software oriented demonstration or tutorial not just for Toon Boom Studio. You asked a very reasonable question. The range in cost for these applications is quite broad. The reason I made the statement : “that not only will you benefit knowledgewise but you will also quickly learn the reason real tutorials shouldn’t be given away for free” is based on the combination of the set up cost for producing such demos as well as the skilled labor and time involved. These costs must be recovered at a minimum otherwise these efforts would not be practical. In prior discussions we have talked about a software company including this level of detailed training material for free. Actually nothing is free, so what “free” actually means is that these production costs have to be included as part of the cost of the software itself.

So it becomes a decision of (A) charge more for the basic product :this is often called bundling or (B) charge an appropriate seperate price for added value products and services. In general the second method is more fair to the consumer because they only pay for what they actual want to use.

I often forget that not everyone has the benefit of my many years of business experience (30+ years) and so they often don’t understand these concepts, but as soon as you get into producing such a product or service yourself you will quickly see the reasoning for the cost of that product or service.

On the subject of tutorials for Toon Boom, just because you are just starting out doesn’t mean you can’t create such materials. It certainly makes it more difficult and will take you longer than a more experienced person, but remember we all start at the beginning. Knowledge is available to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to learn. -JK