Video Settings not opening

Hi there! I needed to convert a file so it’s compatible in Movie Maker. I found out that to do that you need to go to Video Settings before you export. But Video Settings won’t open.

I found out that I need to install Quicktime. I did that, but still couldn’t open Video Settings. Please help! I need to edit my animation, I have something due and I need to get this done quickly. I use Harmony Stage Essentials. Someone help quickly!

Again: Software- Harmony Stage Essentials

         Problem- Video Settings not opening

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have now. There was an update a little while back and now I can get to the page where you can compress the file. Now Movie Maker allows the file to go into it, but it appears with an error sign saying that the file may be corrupted, (which it isn’t) or is not compatible, and tells me I need to take the file off. I asked an experienced person that used Harmony as well, but he said he doesn’t know what’s wrong. Should I be running the file through a different program before Movie Maker?

Hi! I’ve got the trial version and it still won’t work.

What is happening exactly?

Are you clicking on a button and nothing happens?

Please describe everything in detail.

Is this a purchased license version or a trial version of the software?

I have purchased the software, it is not the trial version. This is what I did. I clicked File, then Export, then Movie. Then it popped up with Export to Quicktime Movie. Below the output and export range settings, there are two buttons under the Options section, Video Settings and Sound Options. When I click Video Settings, the loading sign appears for about half a second, then goes away. Nothing happens after that. I looked up the problem, and it said to install Quicktime. I thought if THAT was all I needed to do, I’m utterly stupid. I installed it, went back to click Video Settings again. Nothing happened, so I restarted it just to be sure the problem was still there. I tried clicking it again, but it still loaded for half a second and stopped like last time. I couldn’t find any answers after that, and I know SOMETHING works because other animators have done it without a problem.

Okay, turns out, Movie Maker is just crap with ToonBoom files usually. So (later) I got Adobe Premiere Elements, which accepts it. So that program can accept it.

So I guess just don’t use Movie Maker? I’ll try running it through Premiere Elements before trying it on Movie Maker, just to see if it works.

Did you reboot the computer after installing Quicktime?
If not, try doing so.

Do you know an other program except for Premiere Elements that can run it? Because thats a bit to expensive for me…