[VIDEO REPLAY] Wacom Webinar featuring Tony Ross & Animate

Hey Toon Boomers, if you missed the webinar I did with Wacom, here is the replay:


My workflow is kind of like baking a cake: Bake the cake first and frost it later. If there are eggshells in your batter, no one cares what kind of frosting it is, it’s just bad. That is to say, I animate with rough designs first to make sure it works, then I pretty everything up just before completion.

My Wacom pen tablet helps me through this process efficiently, by enabling me to get my ideas out there fast, and then tightened up as I go along. In this webinar, I’ll share with you step-by-step the process that I go through to take a blank page to a cleaned up, animated cut-out character in Toon Boom Animate.

Topics Covered:
• Importance of Wacom products in my workflow
• Toon Boom for Flash Users
• Blue-line sketches
• Drawing substitutions

Keep it Simple, Make it Perfect… If you don’t have time to make it perfect, rethink the idea - Tony Ross (tonyteach.com)