Video not importing

I have never been able to import videos in Toon Boom Harmony.
I currently am using toon boom harmony 16 premium.
I use windows 7.

The video format I’m trying to import is .mov (quicktime) since that appears to be the only format that harmony picks up.

The issue is:
When I select the video when importing, whether its by double clicking or pressing open the window immediately disappears. No new windows pop up and no movie gets imported.

I have tried re-installing, upgrading, downgrading nothing has worked. For almost a year now I’ve been manually screencapping every frame of videos in other programs then manually importing and organising thousands of images in toonboom harmony.

I am really sick of doing this as now I have a project that is over three minutes long and I just don’t want to manually screencap all of those frames. I don’t even know how many hours it would take me.

For the record, importing images and audio work completely fine for me. I am only having trouble with importing video.

If anyone knows how to fix my issue it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

You need to install QuickTime player if you want to export to .mov
Beyond that it may be an issue with the graphic card or driver
causing the window to close.

If you’re stuck contact support to help you investigate the problem.

no no no.
I do not care about exporting. I’m trying to IMPORT video.

I already have quicktime installed and can actually EXPORT .mov files just fine! that is not the issue at all.

This error is very much common in Windows 7 and I have faced this issue for a few times and this error is mainly categorized under the Windows update error. You may also visit to solve the error.

Likewise you need Quicktime to import mov.
However you say this is already working.

You should contact support to see what the problem is on your computer.
One thing you can try is to re-install the graphic card driver. Windows updates
can mess with them and it can result in all manner of unusual behavior.

A complete uninstall and re-install of both quicktime and harmony 16 seems to have fixed the issue.

What version of QuickTime would I use on Harmony 15?

I know this post is a few months old, but here is the workaround that I came up with.

  1. Export the video from premiere or similar editing software as a JPEG image sequence into it’s own separate folder.
  2. Import the images to a single layer in the import images window.
  3. Enjoy!