Video/Image sequence import issues

I’m having a plethora of issues importing movs and image sequences into Animate Pro. Some help would be much appreciated.

  1. If I import a .mov, no matter what settings I adjust, it disregards any transparency. My workaround has been importing image sequences instead.

  2. Often the image sequence and audio track are not in sync, despite the fact that the project is 25fps, and so is the image sequence export. I can’t work out what is causing it. It begins in-sync and gets progressively worse as you continue along the timeline.
    I noticed someone else had this issue in the archives of this forum, but I didn’t see a solution.

Some additional issues I have, which are less of a priority:

“Set ease for multiple parameters” is an extremely valuable tool. In previous versions (digital pro etc.) I was able to set up my workspace to include a button for this, as well as a keyboard shortcut. Animate Pro no longer has this option (that I know of!). The beauty of the tool in previous versions was that I could simply punch in two numbers (from 1-10) to set the in/out eases, but now the tool has an unnecessary complexity that I’m still struggling to get used to.

Pressing ‘O’ to go to a selection is messed up. In the timeline view, it doesn’t work, yet if you go into the camera view with the mouse, it sometimes works.

Also, you can’t add parent pegs (shift-p) in the network view, but you CAN in timeline view. Which doesn’t really make sense.

For the transparency issue, contact support to have a look at the file you are importing.

For the synching issue, avoid using MP3 - it’s a compressed audio format which can lose synch.

You can add pegs in the network view by going to the Module Library and dragging a peg to the network.

“Set ease for multiple parameters” is no longer a script. Right-click a cel in the timeline to access this feature.

Hi Tim,
I’m having this exact issue - did you find a solution to it?
I have a composition in After Effects 25fps: the exact same settings as my Toon Boom Animate project. When I export an image sequence it is a lot shorter than its supposed to be; and consequently the audio gradually goes out of sync - but if I export a .mov it is exactly the right length.
I want to work with image sequences; it’s the way I’m used to working… this is a really silly issue and I feel like there is a fundamental tick box I have over looked during export that has caused this? I hope that’s all it is! :frowning:

fingers crossed for a simple solution