very slow! Any tips?

Hi guys,

I’ve recently updated from the old MS Paint/Windows movie maker frame by frame combination to TBS 8 and it’s my first actual animation program. I’m an old hand at frame by frame, and I recently finished a project which has a tonne of scenes, frame by frame drawings and jpg backdrops. I understand that this would be slow-ish on my underpowered pc,but it is taking FOREVER!

For you pros out there, if exporting as a .mov file just to watch on my pc (I’ve got conversion software if I want anything else), what are the best settings to make it quicker without destroying the quality of my jpgs? Are there any tips to making file sizes and rendering/saving time lower? My first attempt took a few hours and was 100 and something mbs. I’ve got the settings right down when I’m doing the actual scenes, so I have no probs with the actual program.

Also, does TBS like wav or mp3 sound files better?

Any help is appreciated!


There isn’t really one best video setting…
Finding the right compression settings for exporting a movie file is rather an “art form” then a direct “science”.
It all depends for whom you are exporting for… e-mail, web, you-tube, dvd etc…

My recommendation would be: uncompressed wav.

Thank you :slight_smile: