Very Poor Polyline Tool

Hi !
I have been using Animate Pro and Harmony for quite some time. Toon Boom’s products are simply fantastic. I like most of the features.
But one thing I don’t understand is about Polyline Tool. This tool functions very poorly. I don’t know why Toon Boom have not developed this tool.
placing the nodes on every click is fine , reversing the direction of the curve by holding ALT and dragging is fine. But if you want to reposition the node while you are dragging ( in order to get the desired curve ) is simply not done.
Even the latest version of Adobe Illustrator has very poor Pen Tool. While Corel Draw x6 has fantastic set of tool to assist in Line Art. The Polyline tool in Corel Draw x6 is great. It can guess your curve in advance and is much flexible in constructing curves.
I would like Toon Boom to develop this tool just like Corel Draw’s Line Art Tool.

I’m also a long time CorelDRAW user. I haven’t found a better tool after many many years than good ol’ Corel.
I’m not that familiar with ToonBoom’s polyline tool, so based on your post I checked it out. it seemed to behave okay to me. But I’m maybe missing what exactly you’re trying to do with it and can’t?

Thanks Brian ! Good to know your experience about Corel Draw. Polyline Tool in Toon Boom is fine. But I’ll like it to be more refined.
You can check these screenshots :

If anyone has used Corel Draw’ three point curve tool, they’ll know getting the correct curves is breeze easy.
I’ll request Toon Boom to work on this tool- as this is the only tool for tracing.
Thank you !!!

You may not be aware of the contour editor tool which when you (ctrl + click on Windows, Cmd + click on Mac) a control point will make the Bezier handles appear which you can then use to curve and shape the line as you see fit. Two points worth mentioning though…

When you use the line tool and the polyline tool you can click drag top make a curved line segment. Click dragging somewhere on the line segment will curve-deform it.

When you draw a straight line segment you may not see the Bezier handles because they will be very close to the control point.