Very new to ToonBoom, cant find edges of frame

I’m very new to Harmony and trying to learn it on the fly so I can use it in my Animation class, but I’m having a lot of issues. I’ve only animated in Adobe Animate and find myself pretty lost in Harmony.

My main problem is that I have no idea what the perimeter of my canvas is. I made a file sized at 1920 x 1080 pixels, and did some simple linework, but I can zoom out indefinitely and I just see white in all directions. If I press the ‘reset zoom’ button, it just puts me at a view that seems very zoomed in and is clearly not the 100 percent zoom setting. Is there a way to 1) Establish a visible perimeter / frame so I can know what my actual workspace is and 2) reset the camera to 100 percent zoom setting? Also, what is the difference between Reset View and Reset Zoom?

Also, does anyone know of a ‘getting started’ tutorial for Harmony that goes a bit faster than some of the ones out there? So many go over menus/settings for so long, generally this is material that’s hard to absorb given that I still have no experience actually working in the program.

Thank you!

You’re in the drawing tab which has no edge. You need to switch or add a camera tab to have the square box.