Very frustrating software - can't get even one animation movement


I’ve just downloaded the trial version of Studio 7 and cannot even seem to perform the simplest of tasks. I understand video-editing and photo-editing software. I know what layers are and I understand walk-cycles, onion skins and so on. However, I’ve never used Flash or anything like that, so keyframes and things like that are all new to me.
My problem is however that I can’t get studio to do anything at all with regards to animation. I can’t even make a shapeless blob that I have created move.
The pdf tutorial is unclear and I can’t find one single youtube tutorial that will help. Even when I follow tutorial instructions,Studio just doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.
The simplest of questions, how do I make a drawing move? I’ve extended the frames but how do I make it move from one frame to the next? I’ve tried copying and pasting but nothing happens.
Here’s my example:
I want to make drawing1 move (let’s say from left to right). It’s starts at the left of the screen for the first 30 frames. I select frame 31 and the object disappears from view (so far so good, as it isn’t there yet) but in frame 31 I want it to move to the right a little. How do I do that? Whatever I do, during playback it stays where it is.

Hi Ty Lines

You say: I’ve extended the frames but how do I make it move from one frame to the next? I want to make drawing1 move (let’s say from left to right).

I say:To make a drawing move, make sure you are in the camera view. In the main window top right side there are 4 symbols. Select nr. 2 from the top.
You are now in camera view. Then go to the top menu -Window -Scene Planning Tools and make sure there is a checkmark besides Scene Planning Tools.
Choose the layer you want to animate. Go to the Scene Planning Tools toolbar and select the bottom most tool -Motion. A blue frame will appear around the drawing.
Now go to the first frame by selecting it and drag your drawing to the left in the camera view. Then go to frame 31 and drag the drawing to the right.Frame 1 and frame 31 has now got a symbol on them. That shows that keyframes are set on those frames. A line goes between them showing interpolation.Now play the animation by pressing the blue arrow in the top toolbar. If the animation is not playing and there is no line connecting the keyframes in the timeline. Then you will have to select the whole frame range. Go to the top menu -Element -Peg -Set Non Constant Segment. Now retry and hopefully it will play. Here is a link to get you going:

Here are some more great resources:

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Thanks it’s now working