vers7 playback

hi all - just installed TB vers7… brought in one of my vers 6 files, saved it as a vers 7 and have been just playing around with it to see what it does … looking to do a quick replay - hitting the enter key - i see it gen about an eighth of the stream, then stop with nothing coming back in the way of a playback … i just tried exporting the file out to a swf, got the old playback window, which is black, with no cells or images that i can see, which told me that nothing got exported - pressed the play button, the advance one button and nothing … looked through the help manual as well as the preferences to see if something has to be set … kind of reminds me of the vers 3 issues and the tie-in with quicktime… any help would be appreciated … thanks, dan

ok- me again … just shut everything down and rebooted the mac and now everything seems to be fine … am using opera as the playback vehicle as am not able to find anything else that works on a mac … thanks, dan