vers6 bug?

hi all - just upgraded to version 6 and am experiencing some strange behaviors. Seems while in the exposure sheet, i highlight an element column to delete, the software jumps three columns to the left and highlights it and brings up the pop-up screen with the option to delete the element… i can remove the intended element from the timeline but not in the exposure sheet … i can highlight and delete the leftmost column but as i move to the right, the jumping situation occurs … also, is there some parm i can set to have the exposure sheet size set? currently when i start a new project or open an existing one, only a few rows exist … getting bothersome to have to set the sheet with 10-12 rows visible at a time … finally, it’s a pain to have the scene manager appear in the side panel where in all previous versions it popped up in the center screen … i am on a mac using snow leopard … thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

Are you able to right-click on the column and choose to delete or do you get the same issue?

Is it possible for support to connect to your machine to see that jumping behavior live?

I can put a feature request in for you to sent the sheet with more rows.
What is a good number max that you need, 12?

I am seeing this exact same behavior in v6 for Windows (win 7 64bit).

When I right-click a column header in the exposure sheet, it jumps three columns to the left and shows the contextual menu for whatever column that happens to be instead of the one I right-clicked on.

Right clicking on cells within the column works as intended, it only happens on the headers.

And I just noticed that it isn’t static at 3 columns to the left. It can change as I work in the project (for example now it’s jumping 5 columns to the left instead).

Is it possible for you to send an email to as I am unable to reproduce your issue so would have to trouble shoot it live.


Same issue here.

Able to delte element in other views but not this view.

I am using Windows 7 (64 bits) with Toon Boom Studio 6 with build 6.0.15551 works fine with more than 20 columns. Was Exposure sheet detached from the duck view? Maybe it is due to the dual monitor that point is offset from selection of the mouse? Try using single display and remove all thems (use Windows 7 basic) for the test?