Velocity Editor/Limitations

I’m going back over a project to adjust velocities between movements. I noticed that the value between the first and second keyframe jumped from a value of 0 to 100. The rest of the keyframes from there on are unmovable. I tried moving the second one down, then the third down a little, but no velocity keyframe can go above or below the adjacent keyframes. Is a proper line of velocity supposed to be a steady incline from 0 value to 100 value?

I tried looking up reading material, but the help section only uses motion and rotation as the function editor examples.


The velocity should be at 0 at the very first frame of your scene and at 100 at the very last frame of your scene. The gap in height between those keyframe that are located in the middle does not change much, the important thing is really to shape of the curve between those 2 points. If you find you do not have enough space to manipulate the line/curve between 2 dots you may want to simply zoom on the graph.

Hope this helps you out.

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I see how it works, now. Excellent, thank you.