Velocity Editor - Bezier question

Sometimes when I grab a handle I don’t want the opposite one to move as well… But I didn’t find a way to stop it. In other softwares, we can press “alt” or “ctrl” while moving one handle, so it won’t affect the opposite. What about Toon Boom?

If you are talking about the bezier handles of a vector control point then yes, click one of the handles and then hit Alt… only that handle will move and not its opposite.

I tried this, but it didn’t work.

Perhaps I didn’t explain clearly enough… Click the control point to make the bezier handles appear. Hold the alt button and keep it pressed as you click one of the two bezier handles to move them. Keep the Alt button pressed the whole time as you are moving the handle on one side. You should not see it’s opposite moving when you do this. This applies to editing vector lines using the “Contour Editor” tool.

If you are in the velocity editor the handles will be yellow until selected, then red when selected. Select “Corner” from the “Continuity” (it’s not labelled, hover over the pulldown menu to get the name). “Smooth” and “Straight” will sometimes move both handles together until you reach a constraint point. The explanation regarding the Alt key will not work here since it’s a different system (graph as opposed to vector lines). Some shapes simply do not make sense graphically, for example, the velocity curve can only go up and not down (from left to right).

I hope this makes it more clear but it’s possible that I have just made it more confusing to understand.