veiwing imported swf movie


Dear Friend,

I am trying to view a bit map-based animation that I assembled in Macromedia Director, exported to Quick Time Pro so to convert and export it as a DV Stream file. This done, I imported it into iMovie to add the audio tracks. Then, I exported it as a full quality DV. In Flash 8.0, I imported and converted the file into a Macromedia Flash Movie. swf file.

Then, I imported the file into Toon Boom Express. However, in Toon Boom I cannot view the animation. The exposure and time-line show that it was imported, but all the preview windows show nothing.

My animation runs 3:24 minutes. In Toon Boom Express it shows 2473 frames and 20 pegs.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

gil Vasquez

I’m not totally sure, but I suspect that the imported element is a media element and you will have to have TBS render the file to view it, you won’t see anything in real time preview. And Toon Boom Express may be too limited to even use for this purpose you made need studio. Express is mostly for traditional frame by frame drawn animation. To the best of my knowledge Express only allows or supports 2 pegs total. -JK

afaik the cleanest video imports are into the image element as image sequences, then the audio track added into the sound element.

in order to achieve this, one must export the original video file into the image sequence (f.i. commercial quicktime pro can do this, $30), then batch import the whole bunch of images into the image element.