Vectorizing question

I am trying to decide between TBS and Mirage. I would like some clarification on vectorizing imported images.
I read in another thread that imported photos that are to be vectorized turn out black and white for some reason. Is this so? Would I not be able to, say, put my real head photo on a cartoon body and make it into a animated character? or perhaps make a cut-out photo of a dolphin swimm around?
am I understanding this right? and are Adobe Illustrator vector files a way around this?


yes, you really lose the quality of the shapes when you vectorize the pictures into tbs. tb is not the bitmap editing tool and even best vectorization must be sometimes corrected or even drawn upon.
all vectorization winds up in black and white.

and illustrator is still the only workaround for this, but a good one.

OK thanks a lot. As long as it IS possible, I don’t mind the minor step of first converting to an AI or PDF file. Glad to know that.

You don’t need to vectorize to animate in TBS. You can animate raster images. The only restriction on you comes in the limitations of scaling of non-vector images. Raster images will pixallate and become jaggie outside of a small range of scaling. If you account for this in how you use them they are very usable. You may need to import several different pre-set sizes of you raster graphic created in Photoshop. Yes there are limitations but converting everything to vectors is not needed in many cases. It just requires some outside the box thinking. -JK

would it be the same dolphin pose, only changing the position in the camera view? if not, then one would need lots of dolphin photos from various angles to be able to animate bitmaps.
if one wants to animate shapes with some degree of editing in tbs, then vectorization is a key, contrary to mirage, where the bitmap editing is a feature.

a bitmap head (‘image layer’) would require second ‘drawing’ layer with the transparent background, containing the rest of the body, drawn upon the head layer.