Vectorizing PNG images in Harmony like you could in Animate

I have been using Toom Boom Animate for years and I loved it. Mainly because I could vectorize my images when I imported them and they would not loose their clarity. However in Harmony Advanced, I can’t zoom or grow images without loosing clarity and quality. Can someone help? I have spent over 40 hours building 2 projects in Harmony only to find out that the quality is blurry in many places. Very frustrating and I really hope someone has a work around, so I don’t have to redo all this work!


I never used Animate, but the process should be similar, what might be different is the interface and what they call to each option on different versions.

Which type or images are you importing? Paper or digital drawn on another software? The vectorization option connected to traditional paper animation is “Convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing” (via File > Import Images > Import Option). It assumes you have a white background (or a white sheet of paper). White will be converted to transparent and black to a vector line. You can select “black and white” for standard vectorization, which I assume is what you want, or “grey” if you work with a textured line.

The other option, “Import As Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing” is better for backgrounds or animation that you want to use “as is”, not scale it or edit it in any way.

Hope that helps.

Luis Canau

I am importing PNG images that are from an Illustrator file. My artist draws the scenes and then I save the elements (arms, legs, heads, hands, eat) as png files and import into Harmony.

You can import .ai files directly into Harmony. If you’re exporting to .png you are converting vector to bitmap. Vectorizing it again in Harmony is adding an unnecessary step with probable losses in quality or noticeable changes to the original lines.

You can import Illustrator files via Harmony’s Library. Pick a folder, right-click and select Right To Modify or create a new folder for your Illustrator files, then right-click again and select Import Files. After you have the files on the Library you just have to drag and drop them to the Timeline. Will that work for you?

Luis Canau