Vectorized bitmap image is smaller than scene size.

Hello. I am using Animate Pro 2.
I made a rough sketch in photoshop and tried to export it into animate pro.
That sketch file is PNG file without alpha channel, w 4000 x h 3500 square pixel aspect ratio image.

But when I vectorized the png image, it get smaller than scene size, which is w4000 x h3500(with vertical fit option). I tried to enlarge this small vector image, I multiplied this small vector layer by 1.333 and it fits to the scene size.
Do you know why? 1.333 should be 4:3 aspect ratio.
And If I import the png as bitmap image, I don’t need to enlarge it, because it fits to the scene size automatically
Why do I need to enlarge the vector image to fit to the screen size?

sorry. I forgot to say my setting.
I set the Alignment of my scene “Square 12 Fields”.
Is it a culprit of this weird vector shrinking?

Toon boom project is 4:3 12 fields, and Imported images are 1:1 square pixel.

Was it a colour vectorization that makes a bitmap image with a vector border or was it a black&white vectorization of line art?

If the former, why are you vectorizing the image?
If the latter, it doesn’t matter in the least because vector images
are scalable without loss of quality of the image.

One possible explanation might be that the internal aspect ratio of Animate Pro is 4:3 but I would expect that if the original image were square aspect ratio but it’s actually 4000 x 3500. What happens when you align it “as is” or “horizontal fit”?

It’s a black and white vector image. I want to modify it in Animate Pro as vector images.
Original bitmap image is square pixel image. If I select “as is” or “horizontal fit”, Animate Pro skewes my drawing. Weird enlargement occurs.

Depending on your project resolution (if Vertical or Horizontal fit) you may need to align it vertically or horizontally. What relation does the imported image dimensions have compared to the project resolution dimensions?

I made a project with the same resolution 4000x3500 pixels
Horizontal Fit. I imported a PNG bitmap image also of 4000x3500 (No vectorization, no symbol) with the alignment rule set to “Fit” and it imported perfactly as it should - no distortion and the image fit the camera exactly.

I’m not sure exactly where you went off the rails but try importing the image again and verify your project, image and import settings.

so just use bitmap image c# , if the images will automatically enlarge to fit the screen.there is no need to vetor or resize images for other sake.