Vector Multi-Layer Export

Hi Guys,

haven’t posted to the forum in awhile. I thought I would bring up the topic of SWF layer export. I’m looking for a good workflow to export layers as swf files for import into AfterFx/Flash. Currently it’s a huge pain to check/uncheck layers and then go to file/export/swf etc… What I really want is a swf export module for the network that would just be so nice! A script seems like it could be a possibility. Any ideas??


Exactly! There’s a script to do this in Flash but I think it could be even more powerful with Animate Pro if we had it as a module for the network. Then it would be easy to set which layers get rendered as swf’s.

If the write module had swf export that’s what I would really love.

Just to clarify, you want to have individual layers be their own swf files? Instead of having one swf file that has all of the layers in it?


Aha okay I understand what you mean. I will discuss it with the programmers but I’m going to attach a link to this thread in the Feature Requests part of the forum so I won’t forget about it. :slight_smile: