Vector Line Anchor Points will Automatically Fuse Together When Using the Contour Tool

I’m trying to use the line and shape tools, but any time two lines lay on top of each other, they sorta fuse together, when I just want to grab one of them.

This image is when I’m just selecting the line

And this image is when I try to move one anchor point, but it’s stuck to the other line

Now this happens when I’m using the Contour Tool. When I use Select, it’s just grabs the line, separate from any other line. However, I want to control the contours in this case. So what I’m stuck doing is using Select to move the line away from there I want it, just to reposition the anchor point of a single line.

This feels like a setting that I should be able to turn off. Vector lines automatically fusing their anchor points together. I’ve yet to find a situation where’s it’s useful.

Is there a way to turn this off, or at least get around it? Thanks!