Vector import

I’ve tried importing AI, PDF, SWF files hoping they’d import as vectors. But they only show up as images that can be manipulated using the first frame/last frame tool. Am I doing something wrong or is this just how it works?

The reason I want vectors is so that I can manipulate the parts and change positions of the arms, legs, etc., of my characters.

Also, is there any way to convert a vector file to TVG?


You might be able to convert the artwork you have imported to editable vectors by selecting the layer in which the element was importing and after that doing a right click in the drawing zone to Convert template to drawing. This should turn is to an editable drawing.

Best regards,


Thanks, Ugo! It worked! Out of curiosity, is that info in the manual? I looked and wasn’t able to find it.

Another question, can you group objects? I’d like to have all my characters as vectors but separate the head, arms, legs, hands, etc., into groups. This is possible in TBS, is it possible with Storyboard?


The convert template thing is actually in the documentation though it may not be necessarily link to the importing of AI/PDF/SWF file. The topic of the function is “Using Templates in Your Storyboard”.

As for your new question within a single layer there is no grouping function. You could actually have the elements on multiple layers that you could separate accordingly. That is probably the closest thing you could get to what you are looking for I think.

Best regards,


Okay, great! Thanks once again, Ugo!


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