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I’ve recently started using Toon Boom Studio 4 - I’m running Mac OS X 10.4.11. Painting cartoon images in Toon Boom Studio is fast and easy - better than any other program I’ve tried.

However, I’m wondering if there’s a way to export images painted in Toon Boom Studio in a vectored format (like AI or SVG) without a loss of quality. I want to be able to use still images exported from Toon Boom Studio in a layout program like CorelDRAW X3 when creating promotional materials. Toon Boom’s PDF export option is not of acceptable quality; it seems to reduce the number of nodes from the original image, resulting in jagged, chunky lines.

Unfortunately, CorelDRAW X3 cannot import SWF files, but it can import AI, SVG, and PDF. I can’t even export a PDF via OS X’s print to PDF option, because there is no print command in Toon Boom Studio - and as mentioned before, the built-in PDF export option doesn’t preserve the quality of the original Toon Boom vectored image.

Please help me find a workaround to this problem!

Using TBS 4 / Illustrator CS / Intaglio 2.9.7 / OSX 10.4.11

Well, I have used this feature “Export Drawing to PDF” only a few times,
the import into Illustrator or Intaglio works beautifully, I haven’t encountered any significant decrease or increase of points or any distortion, even gradients are imported nicely.
(of course like always “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder”)

There might be something incompatible with Corel-draw ?


Hi Nolan,

Thanks for the response. Actually, the problem I’m experiencing occurs in the PDF, not in CorelDraw - the lines look jagged/as though the nodes have been reduced in the exported PDF, before importing into CorelDraw (the actual import looks fine and is identical to the quality of the PDF).

Here’s a comparison of the quality (Toon Boom on the left, exported PDF on the right):


(he means this image:)

I’m not using Corel, but I created a workaround for myself for creating ai files from drawings I did in Toon Boom, which has worked out great for me as an illustration program as well as animation. I recently went through this trying to create vector files for my screen printer so I could save $40+ per image in art charges.

Because I want my .ai file to recognize my layers, I have to think the layers out first by color. This means that each unique color has to be on its own layer. Turns out this worked out for the .pdf output too.

After I layered out my drawing by color in Toon Boom, I imported it to Flash, which allows for Export Drawing to .ai. A small amount of work in Illustrator got it to recognize negative spaces, and it largely worked great, though in some cases I had some smoothing to do depending on the quality of my original work.

Not sure if that applies to your case or not, but it may be helpful.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for fixing that link for me :S

Thanks also for your suggestion. . . I tried exporting the image as a SWF - unfortunately I don’t have Flash, so I can’t open it up that way - I tried opening it in my web browser instead and tried printing the SWF to a PDF (using OS X’s built-in print to PDF feature). Unfortunately when I opened the resulting PDF, the image was rasterized.

Anyway, thanks.