Vector drawings lost!?

Yesterday I we were working on a paperless animaton scene in ANIMATE Pro. After opening the scene again all the vector drawings are gone - the timing frames in the related layer in the Timeline view are still there - but there are no images anymore.

I checked the path to the .tvg files but the folder is empty (except the palette library)!

What happened? What could be the reason? Could that problem be connected to renaming the Layers (after animating)? Or because I used the “Save as a new version” function (before I didn’t use that everything was fine).

Thanks for your help, Nils

Hmm…maybe you pressed Z for zoom, but you actually deleted them by mistake?

Please keep in mind in Animate Pro that ‘save as new version’ only saves the timing and network as a new version name. You need to save the project to save the drawings and it will prompt you to ‘save before close’ option pops up before closing the scene. It is possible that the scene was not saved after and thus drawings are not saved I guess.