vector drawing export?


Is it possible to export the vector drawings from Animate to another drawing program? As .svg? How is that done?



There is a work around exporting your drawing as an .SWF.
If you have a program that imports SWF, you could extract an image from there.


Hmm… I don’t have a program that imports .swf files. Can you suggest some?


I think the only one that will allow you to do what you want is Flash…


Take a look at Openlazlo. It’s an open source flash IDE (I think) and it may handle importing.

The Flash export is highly optimized I’m afraid. Animate clips all shapes so they are like a very precise jigsaw. This works fine for Flash (especially file size) but isn’t very good if you want to then export to another vector app like Illustrator or Xara. The shapes export from there with a slight ‘halo’ which is I think transparent. So. In short great for Flash animation but poor for Illustration. (in my tests anyway)

My route was:
Animate 2 to Flash cs3 and then out to Ai (and just about any other vector format that Flash exports to.

I am actually really getting to like the drawing tools in Animate and would LOVE to be able to use them for my illustration work. Maybe some sort of Pdf export would be cool.

Sorry not much of a trick or a tip I’m afraid. :frowning:

Yes, I too like the drawings tools and the look of Animate. Hopefully in the future they will figure out a way to do it.
I’ll give that openlaslo a try.
Thanks for the effort.

I will admit my ignorance up front before I ask this question. Is there a reason that you can’t use Animate as a drawing tool and just export it as an image instead of video? There’s a crazy number of formats to export to.

None at all…but.

For print it would be a real pain as Animate doesn’t work with size and resolution as Illustrators know it. The lack of a cmyk preview is not helpful either.

Vectors are my preferred route especially as I often need to re-purpose work at different sizes. Also my app of choice Xara Design pro 6 has way more drawing features that I need. Animate has a much better freehand vector drawing tool though hence why I was even trying to glue the to together.

I’m starting to love using vector drawing too. There’s something about being able to infinitely resize an image and being able to delete individual strokes that I didn’t know I was missing. And since Animate is almost as good as Illustrator I really lucked out not having to buy an extra bit of software for it.

I gave Inkscape a shot but it is nearly impossible to get anything done quickly. It doesn’t even have an eraser tool. It’s all or nothing with a line you may have messed up. I think Animate spoiled me with being my first real vector graphics software.

In Animate,

You can export your frames as images to pretty much any resolution but always as bitmap.

It is a good idea indeed to get a PDF export.

You could post your comments on in the Feature Requests forum.


TBS has pdf export so I was always disappointed that Animate didn’t. I’ll add it as a feature request.

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