Various very frustrating problems in Toon Boom Animate 2 (not PRO)


I encountered various problems which are making me crazy…

First, the template-library-function seems to be very buggy!
I made some rigged characters and put them into the library, but
whenever i drag them into one of my template-folders, they change!
Okay, I duplicated arm and leg and flipped them with the transform-tool, but without keyframes. And on timeline it works perfectly!

I did it with the transform-tool, because I can’t change multiple drawing-layers together with any other tool, which would be very, very helpful…

But the funniest is, there is not a single keyframe on any layer, but when I drag the character into the library, there appear keyframes! And the positions of some layers change randomly - every import to the library is broken in another way, totaly randomly. I’m going really crazy with this!

Edit: The keyframes created by the program at the import to the library are the evil devils, which are destroying my rigged characters in the library-.-
So, why is Animate 2 creating these annoying keyframes?!?

I also can’t export the templates back into similiar layers on the timeline as shown in the library-tutorials!
I only can export from library to completely new layers, which is very annoying, too!

Am I doing something wrong, or is the library just buggy as hell?
At the moment I can’t use it and this is slowing my project down.

Second, sometimes layers are just disappearing when I render a TGA-sequence!
Then I have to render the broken frames again and at the second try, the layers are back again… What the …?!

Third, something is absolutely freaky with the 3rd dimension in the program…
I made multiple scenes and everything is working fine, but for one!
At one scene I have a character driving along a street, leaving car and walking towards a building in the background.
In top-view the character is in front of the street, which is in front of the building.
But whenever I put the character in top-view behind the street, he disappears - and the street’s drawing shouldn’t be able to hide the character in any situation, because it’s at the screens bottom and the character walked to its middle. In top-view all seems fine - character is between building and street and in side-view he is above the street and at same level as the building!
But in camera he disappeared… But not really! I found him! Miles away in background, very, very tiny, behind all layers of the whole scene?!?
I found him after shutting off all other layers.

I made an experiment! I moved him in top-view for- and backwards and there is some little, invisible line… Whenever I cross this line, which is arround the street’s position, which is fairly near to the camera, the character shoots into distance, although he stays next to this invisible line in top-view…
And this happened with my other two characters, too!
But the rest of the scene seems to be no problem… just the characters have this … bug.

And again I watched a proper tutorial to check if I’m doing any wrong… No, I made things exactly like in the tuts.

I’m using Animate 2 on Windows 7 professionell, but I don’t have your PRO-version. Just the standard-edition.
I hope this isn’t the reason for these problems, which would be very, very, very… … …

I hope there’s help out there, because my headache is killing me…

I forgot a fourth question!
Why is a keyframe created, when I slide a drawing on timeline?!?
This is extremely annoying.

It’s the yellow one with the picture of the little running man in it.