Variable line width? Is it possible?

I use a mouse to “draw” and I was wondering if there is a way to create a variable stroke width around a shape?

You can get the effect by using different contour tip shapes with the Brush. You vary the width by choosing a tip depending on the line direction/orientation. It is a tedious method but it does produce a variable width line. When using thicker lines it tends to look more like ribbon than a traditional variable line, on the other hand, it may be perceived as a unique element of style in your cartoon art.

So if you are drawing a vertical line and have a contour shape like this _ the line will be widest. The same tip will be thin if you move it horizontally. Any direction in between the flat and narrow shape orientation will produce a variation between the two. Going by this approach you can imagine what the / \ and | tips will produce.

Afterwards you will have the option of manually adjusting the line contour using the Bezier control points.