Vanishing Brush Strokes

I’m trying to draw spots with the brush on top of a painted area. Unless I wait a second or two after each spot is made, quick dotting results in most spots vanishing. I have not selected the draw behind option. They simply fail to fix.

I have noted that with Real Time anti-aliasing disabled, a brush or pencil stroke takes over a second to ‘settle’ - being slightly changed from the original stroke once it fixes in place. But anti-aliasing set high to simulate vector appearance makes the program sluggish.

Any thoughts?

If it takes a second or two for the drawing to “settle”, it may be because you have the smoothing options on your pen enabled? Perhaps if you disable the smoothing (you probably wouldn’t need it on for dots) then the application won’t have to calculate smoothing and should be fairly instantaneous. It it’s not, then it may be a question of making sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date.

The smoothing options are available in the tool properties window of the brush or the pencil tool and look like two dots connected by a wavy line.

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It’s not smoothing. I think it’s maybe my graphics card. I’ve had to disable real-time anti-aliasing to stop sluggishness. Can you advise?

ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro - VRAM 256 MB

iMac Intel Core Duo 2.8Ghz
L2 Cache 6MB
Memory 4 GB
Bus Speed 1.07 Ghz

If turning off anti-aliasing improves performance, then it may simply be a matter of your scene being too heavy. For now I’d suggest working with anti-aliasing turned off - this is generally a good idea to do until you’re checking for your final renders.

Are you working with many layers and lots of drawings?

You could always send an email to and they could take a look at your scene to see if it’s very heavy.

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