Vanishing body parts

I have a scene with a background of 2D objects with "enable 3D’ on. There’s a character standing in a room with a floor, ceiling, back wall and side wall. When I add a new drawing layer for a backgound item, enable it’s 3D and start moving that item back, just as it reaches the same Z location with the character, parts of the character disappear. Any advice?

Hey, Lilly. Thanks for the reply. This issue is very random so I’ll try and keep this short. There are times when either rotating the camera or rotating a background item slightly will reveal the missing body parts… other times, not. This indicates that it’s a glitch of some sort. We experienced this same problem at times in Animate Pro. Today, I received a 30 day trial of Harmony 10. (We’ve been using 9.2 which I am certified in). As it turned out, everything worked fine in 10. Hmmm.

I checked everything… looks fine in the Render view and the composite is set to As Bitmap both in 9.2 and 10.

So… I’m guessing that our Animate Pro and Harmony 9.2 have an issue no longer a problem in 10.

Please be aware that I am trying very hard to get this software in more use here in the South and South West. Glitches like this are making it hard for me to convince a stubborn Flash based industry.

Thank you for your help. Everyone at Toon Boom are always very prompt to help. Just another reason to love Toon Boom products over Adobe.

Are you in the Perspective View or the Camera View? Do those parts of the character stay hidden, or is it a graphical glitch as you rotate around your perspective view?

Do the hidden parts of the character reappear when you hit Render View?

Do you have the 3D layers attached to a composite that is set to As Bitmap?


There was a lot of work that was done in 10 with regards to 3D compositing, so it’s entirely possible that this was addressed. I had never heard of body parts disappearing before, though. I had seen graphical glitches in the Perspective view, but not in the actual camera view.

Thanks for the feedback, we’re always trying to improve our products and take animation to the next level.