V4.0 Create Library (Mac)

I have encountered the following issue in using V4.0 on a G4 PowerPC Mac.
OSX version 10.4.10

When trying to create a new library from the library panel context menu, the file dialog panel rolls down for an instant and then immediately rolls back up without allowing anything to be done. The TBS application becomes unusable as it is waiting for the conclusion of the file dialog process which can’t be executed without access to the file dialog panel. The application must be terminated using “force quit”. This is strictly a Mac version issue, as the library creation process works fine on the PC (under win XP).

I am able to create a new library under V3.5 on this Mac and open it for use under V4.0 but I can’t create a new library using V4.0 currently on the Mac. -JK

JK -

Hmmm. I don’t have this problem.

Dual 533 PowerPC G4
OS 10.4.10
TBS 4.0
nVidia GeForce2 MX
ATI Rage 128 (I think)

That’s good to hear, can you tell me what you have set for your preferences: interface tab: workspace mode setting: docking? or floating ? -JK

I use floating, but changing to docking doesn’t cause any problems.

I really appreciate your feedback. I suspect it is a local issue specific to my Mac system and not a problem with the V 4.0 software itself. I’ll have to spend some time troubleshooting to see if I can identify the source of the conflict. -JK

this is a problem with Toonboom 4. It’s happening to me right now. This blows.

I have no such problem with TBS v.4 on my Intel iMac, OS X 10.4.11.


Hi Dalorin,

Are you on the same setting as JK was (10.4.10 Power PC G4)?

I’ll try to give a look on a similar machine if it is the case just to make sure but so far I have never encountered this on Mac. Are you using the latest version available from the My Products section under Members. There are some fixes that applies to G4 and G5 so this might be related.



I tested this again on G4 PowerPC OSX 10.4.10 with the latest release of V4. The issue still exists. What I have observed is that when I try to create a new library the dialog appears to open and then immediately vanishes from sight. The software becomes unresponsive but not unstable which leads me to believe that it is waiting for a response to the dialog for the creation of the library. The only way to continue is to “force quit” out of TBS. I suspect that this is a PowerPC specific issue. The software appears to be functioning fine but the library creation dialog is hidden and can’t be accessed. I hope this helps in the troubleshooting process. As I stated it is not a major issue as libraries can be created in V3.5 and opened and saved in V 4.0 as a workaround as long as the user still has V3.5 available on their Mac. -JK

Hi JK,

I think I managed to reproduce the situation. Are you working with undocked windows? I noticed that when you undock the Library you get this behavior (basically if I create a library the window to select the folder pop and then disappear and nothing works anymore else then closing the software). If you dock back the library you should not have that behavior. I am reporting it to RnD.

Thank you for the help.

Best regards,


I most definitely have my library undocked so my test confirms yours. I’ll dock the library next time I try to create a library to see if that works, If so that’s certainly a good solution for now. thanks, -JK