V3 Beta Pricing/Future Plans?

Why is it cheaper to upgrade from V1 or V2 to V3 than it is from V2 to V2.5 Beta to V3 Beta??? The intent of Beta releases is to find bugs before the final version, using early adopters’ feedback, in exchange for a reduced cost.

Also, is there going to be a V3 Final release? And will there be bug-fix-only releases (unless it’s bug-free ::slight_smile: )before the next feature-enhanced release?

I like this product but am not impressed with the ongoing support so far. It seems too much like Adobe’s philosophy of forcing workarounds until a completely new release is ready.

More information on the new release can be found here:


It is not cheaper to upgrade from V1/V2 to V3Beta (199$) then to upgrade from V2 to V2.5Beta (50$) and from V2.5 to V3Beta (60$) which totals 110$. You actually saved 90$.

This is just an opportunity for you to upgrade early at a very low price and get your hands of the new features we’ve been developing in the past few months.


How are you all getting v.3? In the online store I seem to get stuck at the checkout, when I click on the check out I get the screen saying my cart is empty (even though the previous screen said the upgrade was in my cart). I don’t even get a chance to validate with my product key. I have emailed sales a few minutes ago, but perhaps Mathieu, you can help?

Mac user just down loaded beta ver 3 my shopping cart said empty even though quantify ordered sad 1 there is a button at the bottom of the page you have to click on then your ok. From what I have seen so far there are a lot of improvements it’s a much better program having the scene planing and drawing modes combined are going to be a great help the drawing tools are much smother and works with the pressure on my wacom intros 2, it dose a lot better job at import and vectorize. the playback is slower and choppy on my e-mac I have a gig of ram but it isn’t use it I will have to try some other settings. as for importing bit maps I selected about 150 pics at onetime and it did just fine I don’t know if that is what you mean?

What is Quartz 2D? in preferences you have a choice rendere Quartz 2C or Open GL but I don’t know what that means.

What was slowing down my e-mac was the Quartz 2d my processor was running between 85 & 95% when I changed it to open GL it runs at 60 to 85% staying around 75% I have a G4 1.25 processor changing the display quality has little effect and I have ram set to unlimited it doesn’t come close to using it 512 would probably do the job 768 better.

It probably has more to do with my graphics card than processor speed I have radeon 9200 and 32 mb video ram which isn’t enough for tiger either. The new e-macs have radeon 9600 and 64 mb with a 1.43 processor. and toon boom said earlier in the year they were excited about tiger and it’s graphic capabilities but with the open GL option all is well, runs fine. 8)

Are these the current upgrade prices?

Upgrade from V2.5 USD $59.99
Upgrade from V1 or V2 USD $99.99
Upgrade from Express USD $149.99

Yes until June 6 2005.