v3.5 strange performance issues on a pc

hi tba-guys,
i just started to work more intensively with the v3.5 (a pc version), and i noticed a few things:

1. the application crashes occassionally if some actions are too fast (f.i. a fast frames scroll in a drawing element in the exposure sheet with the mouse or the wacom pen). the graphic card is a hercules 3d prophet 9000 series.
i will test the difference with the directs3d mode. maybe it’s the same as reported in the parallel thread about opengl, but the crashing is very rare in my case, so i can’t reproduct it thoroughly.

2. as i close the app after a few hours of work through the main menu > file, the usual movement of the mouse downward grabs the ‘open recent’ submenu items. they stick on the display and prevent the click on the ‘quit’ item at the bottom of the list. this doesn’t happen when i open the app and then immediately close it.

it’s not a big deal, but somehow annoying.

the good thing is that my old ud0608 wacom, which was delaying up to 1 second on my p3 750mhz, nvidia geforce2 (with v3.0 the tablet was still working fine on the same machine) now runs like a hare on the amd athlon 1.84ghz upgrade, same tablet driver.

i’ll keep you informed about further performance.

Hi Gester,

Thank you for the update. Regarding the first issue you might want to simply trigger off the full scene anti-aliasing. This might be the thing that is causing the instability.

As for the drop down menu this is a behavior we experience from time to time. We are still investigating on the cause.

If you have any other thing to report let us know.

Best regards,


more information about crashing (point 1) from the event protocol:
‘module atioglxx.dll, version’ error.

it’s definitely the opengl antialiasing which causes the inconsistency.

Hi Rob,

Have you tried to install the latest drivers for your video card. If that does not fix it then I suppose this might be related to the video card not supporting OpenGL very well.

Would it be possible to know the exact model of the video card.

Best regards,