v3.5 for v3 owners

I’ve found Toon Boom Studio too buggy to use regularly. And if those bugs are fixed in 3.5, then good. But if I have to pay $99 for a working program, then forget it.
It should be a free upgrade for all v3 users.

Hi appliedinfo,

We did fix bugz for V3.5. The software has evoluated and it is possible that new bugz will be introduced and we will fix them. If required, we usualy offer a free patch after a new release. The patch for V3 was released in last october and is included in TBS since (3.0.1).

If you find a bug I would appreciate if you could report it using this form:


Thank you.

Let me just ask… is v3.5 a free upgrade for all v3 owners?


Toon Boom Studio v3.5 is a complete new software. There as been some major change to some of the tools and new tools added as well as some bug fixes. As you might have seen in other messages in the forum, the upgrade to v3.5 for v3 user is currently 99$ but it seem there will be some special promotion soon for people that will upgrade from v3.

As mentionned by Mathieu, there might be some new bugs found at the release of the software but we will provide some patches to fix them.

Hope this answer your question.

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