v2 or v3?

Okay, hi :smiley:

I’m a 15 year old buddy cartoonist, who’s dream its always been to make cartoons! This program sounds AWESOME and I want it very badly.

However, its also very expensive.

Which leads me to my problem. I can get v2 for like half the price of v3 academic. However, is it worth it? Should I spend $220+ on v3 (I live in NZ, exchange rate + shipping) when I can get v2 for like $105? Would it be better for me to invest the other $100 on a gprahics tablet?

For that matter, my computer is pretty junky. a 1.2ghz processor (its a PC… so MEH) 256 RAM and 18 GB hardrive puts it pretty low in specs (I can’t run my scanner + photoshop 5.0 LE at the same time…) so would v 2 be able to better handle my bad computer stats? Or will I need to upgrade to use either?

I just want to be able to create cartoons. It doesn’t have to be super flashy, but I want to be able to create longish cartoons. Please help me.

hi windmill,
tbs is not that expensive, compared with other similar tools.
but i know that every dollar counts when it matters.

i do my animations still on a 750mhz p3, 256mb ram (ok, it’s twice as much inside, but the bios accepts only one side of a ram chip). ok, i intend to upgrade the old junk some day, nevertheless my suggestion is the following:

your computer is still ok for the tool. more ram would be better though, and a tablet is a must. v3 requires 800mhz at a least, which is less than you’ve got.

when you stay with v2, you won’t be able to use the text tool for titling your works, but almost any other important feature would be at your service (except for sound scrubbing and some minor differences).
the v2 comes with two separate interfaces: a drawing and a camera one, but, to be frank, i havent’t found that separation bad.

if i were you, i would try v2 + tablet first, then look for a software upgrade in the future.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I feel I’ll be able to get around the text issue by simply just importing my text as a picture file. That way, I’ll be able to have credits etc but not pay for the extra stuff.

Also, I have 800mhz, I have 1200mhz, actually :stuck_out_tongue: so I’ve got that covered.

Do you need a WACOM tablet or can you use any?

the issue is: if the tool is sufficient for you to do your work, then keep it like this. you will then see if you need any new features, which are not bad, anyway :wink:

i think wacom is pretty affordable, and, besides, a market leader. i’d stick to it.

Thought you might want to check out this tablet if you are in the market. I have just bought one and I am quite pleased. It is much cheaper than the competition and so far I have found no difference other than colour, size and of course having a whole lot more money left in my pocket. The tablet is called Adesso CyberTablet 12000 and is well worth looking into, for the same cost I got three times the size plus some excelllent applications bundled in the deal. Their web site is www.adesso.com I believe.

Good luck.