V2 features

Is there a doc that explains only the new features and how to use them w/ out having to dig through the full manual?

For example, what does Efficient creation of richer-looking ambiance mean and how do I access it?

Also, how do I activate the realtime OGL transparency and effects?



I have been spending this morning looking through the Animate 2 user guide and just came across page 741.

Page 741, Particle Effect, Crowd Simulation and More

Something about using the Motion Blur effect and a Matte layer to do particles and they use snowflakes as an example.

When Lilly had talked about another effect added to Animate 2 I really wasn’t expecting something like this.

Let me be the first to request a template example of this new effect.

ohhh particle effect sounds good. I am going to look it up :smiley:

One feature I bumped against is the “gesture” option when using the select tool. What it does is when you drag a selection “line” through an object, it will select it up to an intersection (just like a single click will do). Neato!

Call me slow, but I don’t remember a “swatch” option in v1 for the Color Palettes. For the Default color palette, the swatches continue horizontally – not vertically like the List view. And for those of us using a Magic Mouse, the horizontal scrolling works