v.3.5 freezes the system upon launch


I’ve purchased and installed the upgrade of Studio 3.5.
When launching, it freezes the whole system including the mouse. It gets through the dialog to create a new project and opens up a set of windows for itself that looks right, but the mouse and system are all frozen.

Sort of hard to debug since I can’t change the settings (freezes too early).

I’ve had v. 3 working pretty stable (just spontaneously closing sometimes when adding elements to the exposure sheet).

My system is a Dell Latitude D820
2Gig Ram
2Ghz Core Duo processor
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M


Hi Everyone,

Just for the information, the problem was related to the Renderer used in the Preferences under the Display tab. If you have that kind of issue try setting it to Direct3D and restart the application.

Note that the Edit menu can be accessed before creating a scene so make sure to open a blank project to have access to the menu before the application closes.

Best regards,