UUUUMMMM.....can someone help me grab this coffee cup?

have you ever grabbed a coffecup from the cupboard and it slipped and you spent 30 VERY LONG seconds juggling it before it smashed into a million pieces on the floor?..thats what i see coming with a presentation i am making…

i will try to explain this the best i can…i am trying to make a presentation for the job corps i work at…and here is the problem…i have animate 2, and everything works out great…i cant make more than one scene…thats ok…but how do i get about a 12-15 minute presentation put together without it becoming a bigillion terabyte nightmare…

i dont have the highend products to work with…these are my options…
flash mx (yes it’s old)
power director 10
animate 2

if i am correct i can only export mov. files and swf files…one is humongous and the other isnt playing nicely with me…

each scene would be about 2-4 minutes long…

thanks in advance for any help…and does anyone know how well that ROGAIN works…cause i’m gonna need it before this is overwith i think!!!



i probably should add…this will be going on a computer with NO internet access…(government security issues)…and projected on a large flat screen tv…

i think i might actually be asking for someone’s work flow…kinda how someone else works through this…a sort of spring board to get me going…

thanks again,


i guess this has been hashed over a few times…i looked through the forum and seen that most are exporting to picture sequence route…and then putting it together in a final rendering software…i’m still not sure about the final format to export too, so i can loop it so it will play over and over…

but if you still have any suggestions…i’m all ears!!!



Todd, work on animating your individual scenes and then put them together in a video editor program. Most of the scenes I do are 10 - 30 seconds in length, never 1-4 minutes. For example, you could use MS Movie Maker since it’s free, that should do it.

Here’s my workflow:

1. Export each scene as MOV without sound.
2. Import to Sony Vegas and piece together the scenes along with a sound track.
3. Add titles, transitions, fades, etc., in Vegas.
4. Once I’m happy with how it looks, I replace the MOV files with PNG image sequences–higher quality–for the final render.
5. Final render is MP4 using the h.264 codec–but you can just output as MOV.

That’s how I do it. I also do my scenes at 1280x720 24 fps. I’ve added a few more details elsewhere here on the forum so you’d have to search to find them. Be aware though that the search feature here doesn’t work so well :-\

Hey thanks Zeb…

I read some of your posts, very helpful info…i think i will try smaller scenes and put them together in director…

thanks again for your help!!!..i think my coffee cup will live to see another day!!!


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