Utransform to fit TVG image in frame


We are using Harmony’s “utransform” tool to batch-convert many TVG images to pixmaps in order to create contact sheets (image-sheets) for reference.

While most of the images convert well, some are cropped and some are completely out of frame.
I am able to correct those with some of the options of Utransform (scale, align, etc.) - but there isn’t one option that will just center the image and scale it to fit the frame, for all the images. It’s too much work to go one by one and run the command on it to scale and position it right.

Since the ToonBoom’s thumbnail creation seems to handle them well, I was wondering whether there’s some undocumented option of utransform that will always fit the image in the frame, or something I’ve missed.
For the most part “-align CENTER_FIRST_PAGE_VERTICAL” works well, but on others neither that nor the Horizontal does the job, and I need to use the "move " and "scale " by mere guesswork to correct the images.


The thumbnail system has assess to the software’s display methods which Utransform doesn’t have access to - being an independent standalone binary that simply manipulates existing vector/bitmap images.

There is no “One Ring” command for unifying all images modified by utransform.

Something you might try is this. Create a Photoshop Action. As it is recording, Ctrl and mouseclick the layer with the art that needs to be cropped. This should select only the parts of the image that have pixels. Then go up to Image\Crop. File\Save. File\Close. Stop your action. Then Automate a Batch action to do this on all your files in a particular folder. If the file does not come in with transparent pixels, instead of doing the first step, you can simply get your magic wand tool, select the surround black or white or whatever, then Select Inverse\ and then do the rest of the explained action. Good luck.
I’ve described this in more detail in this other post on the forums: