Using your own cut out characters

Hello All, and thanks for reading.

Im pretty much new to Toon Boom and now trying to make all the cut out characters for the cartoon.
I named every element properly and gave it parent pegs, etc.
I made one already, and did a lip sync test with it (it works)

How can i export this cut out cartoons so i can easily reuse them in the animations?
Are there certain requirements (like it can only has 7 keyframes, thats the 7 needed for the different lip sync moves, mine has 34 frames now btw due to the soundtest)
Or size limits?

I hope someone can help me out, the only way i can save the character too now is .tbp, and from lookin at the library i need to have .tbt

Thanks in advance

Hi Bob,

The 7 frames is just to make sure you have each of your mouth exposed when you make the template. If not all of your mouth as used in your sound test you may be missing some mouth when you reuse that mouth list for it will only export the mouth exposed in the template you will be making. Therefore if you have some missing you can add them at the end of your test just to make sure.

As for the tbt creation this is pretty well covered in the documentation that comes with the software. You can find in the “Re-using Content” section of the online help.

Best regards,