Using Wacom Cintiq with TBS

Ok I know there is a forum for Tablets, and I read a few of the posts there …but I believe this forum is most often visited.

I have always had my eyes on a Cintiq …in fact if I end up getting one I’ll be a bit dissapointed in myself simply because I would have Wacom’s Graphire, Intuos3 and now the Cintiq. Usually, I do my research and avoid such waste.

I intend to formulate a few questions and give the people at Wacom a call myself, but I don’t expect them to tell me specifics about TBS.

Does anybody use the Cintiq with TBS, using Microsoft technology (Not Mac) and care to tell me if there are any issues?

I have a Gateway Tablet PC (they use finepoint technology in lieu of wacom) and after trying with TBS personel to fix a major compatibity issue …I’ve just about given up.

I see where Wacom has a few other models similar to Cintiq (DTZ-2100, DTF-710, & 521) they are cheaper, but I’m not quite sure yet how they vary from the Cintiq. I’ll ask Wacom about this…but maybe you guys could shed some light here.

And finally, one issue I had with the graphire was the pen nib was too slick for the drawing surface and ususally I had to put a paper over the screen to get some sort of feel while drawing. When I upgraded to the Intuos 3 I had the same issue until I replaced the pen nib with the “felt tip” model. The only issue with this is that it wears faster than the alternatives.

The pen they show for the Cintiq seems the same as the Intuos 3 …can anyone say if using the felt tip the feel is the same?

While I currently do use a Mac with my Cintiq and Toon Boom, I used to have it connected to my PC, so I can speak about it a bit.

My biggest frustration was that the PC drivers didn’t let you have a multiple monitor setup with the Cintiq and still let you use the stylus. Every time I wanted to use the stylus I had to change my preferences to a single monitor solution. It’s been 9+ months since I last had to use my PC, so perhaps they’ve fixed that issue.

I can not speak with any authority on the other models you mention, or even the felt tip nub. I didn’t even know there was a felt tip nub, but that is intriguing. I will have to check it out.

To sum up: if the Cintiq is your one and only monitor, I give it a hearty thumbs up. If you’re hoping for multiple monitors, you will be sad.

I don’t think I would need multiple monitors. The way I envision this working is …I use a USB hook-up between my Cintiq and my PC …and unlike my Intuos 3 where I have to look on my PC screen …I can look at the Cintiq instead.
I would use the mouse and keypad of my computer (and maybe a few keys from the Cintiq).

Personally, if I understand this right …I would find an added monitor a distraction …but I trust you know differently and I would be glad to understand more.

Was it your intent for example to have a certain view on your Cintiq and a different view on your PC monitor?